Travel, an impossible dream to reach?

January 25, 2021

Puerto Vallarta is breathing


“Because the pandemic changed everything, right”, sayd our beloved Opa Reinhold, who also owns a beautiful Bed and Breakfast with his partner David Miller (Mr. Zeitgeist), in the Victorian South End neighborhood of Boston.

In an alternate reality, they would be here by now.

Walking the Olas Altas neighborhood, lying on a lounge chair at Playa Los Muertos with a mango margarita and a glass of white wine, respectively.

Yes, Opa is right: COVID-19 changed dramatically everything. Because they are not here.

Not them, not all of our dear Friends who usualy visit us and bring life to our hotel.

So many beloved names and smiles come to my memory: Onkel Tom Manwell, our dear farmers tíos Judith and Jaime, Pat and Myron, Tim and Sirpa, Kathrin and Memo, Ulrike, Jaimito y Barbara, Lynn and Noel, Jane and family.

Sudenly, the tradition of traveling, became an impossible dream to reach.

Hugs, kisses and unexpected visits, a prohibided act. Our human sense reduced to the brightness of a cold screen.

Parties, concerts, sport events, a dangerous dynamic.

Puerto Vallarta , a city whose heart beats to the rhythm of tourism, went into a state of hibernation in the middle of spring.

Now, this new year of 2021, brought hope.

Our Banderas Bay is full of dolphins, humpback whales, sardines, and manta rays.

And on the horizon, only a few boats sail calmly to bring the visitors closer to the magnificence of the marine life.

The Malecon, the palm trees, the cupper sculptures and the few walkers, are bathed by the sunshine and the sea breeze.

Wait, the pandemic hasn´t change everthing!

You may ask yourself: how is a tourist city dealing it without guest?

Of course, we everybody have been adhering to health and safety guidelines.

Hotels, restaurants and beach clubs, respects the social distance, you´ll find sanitizing gel in every little or big bussines, and masks or mouth covers are essencial.

Puerto Vallarta is still breathing, and shining!

Bars and restaurants have to be closed at 10 pm. That´s a shame for many visitors, but the sacrifice has to be made.

Fun over health sounds like a good deal in order to keep our heart beating.

In the meantime, we´ll keep warm our crystal clear solar panel temperate pool. And our German Restaurant moving with every day specials.

Until one day, soon, traveling becames a reachable dream for you again!

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