Puerto Vallarta Restaurant
Hacienda Alemana

Open for lunch and dinner, Hacienda Alemana features a variety of fresh salads, vegetarian dishes, exquisite fish and Seafood.

And, of course, all your traditional German favorites including sauerbraten, bratwurst, ham hocks and four different types of schnitzel are waiting or you, too.

All main dishes include a bread basket, and your choice of home-fried potatoes, french fries, sauerkraut, red cabbage, spätzle or dumplings.


Monday & Tuesday

50% Off Entire menu!

(Except beverages, other promotions are not included)

Friday & Saturday

BBQ Ribs Includes sausages, soup, salad bar, draft beer included.
$190 pesos


Three Course Menu Includes four draft beers.
$189 pesos


Prices are in Mexican Pesos. We take all currency in the actual exchange rate. We do not accept credit or debit cards.